Saturday, May 23, 2015

For all interested in the history of Kilcullen

Although Wexford got all the historical publicity, it was here at Old Kilcullen that the rebels scored a notable victory in one of the early engagements of the 1798 uprising, writes Sabina Reddy.

Some 300 rebels assembled here on 24 May and used the walls of the graveyard to defend themselves when they were charged by a force of British cavalry. It is said that the round tower suffered extensive damage during this skirmish. The rebels were defeated in a subsequent battle and surrendered just a few days later.

On the anniversary tomorrow, Sunday 24th May at 3pm at the site of Old Kilcullen, Gerry O'Donoghue will recreate this event through his own colourful way of storytelling. Everyone is invited to attend to picture the site of this battle of the rebellion, so please come along.