Friday, June 12, 2015

Mickey Gordon memories tonight

A 'Remembering Mickey Gordon' event in The Stray Inn tonight, Friday 12 June, will commemorate a man who was a famous character in Kilcullen for much of his life, although he was from and lived in Naas, writes Brian Byrne.

Mickey had the cleaning contract for Kilcullen Town Hall Cinema when it was in its heyday under the management of Paddy Melia and running films most nights of the week.

He was as a result a most well-informed film buff, and could reference and quote from any movie that he might be queried on.

He enjoyed his Guinness and frequented most of the Kilcullen area hostelries, and copies of a commissioned painting by Brian Swift of him holding his favourite pint are still found behind the bars of many local pubs.

He died in 1999, and a decade later the first commemoration event for him was held in Markeys.

The commemoration will have music as ever provided by John Kelly and Friends.