Sunday, February 15, 2015

Drama Group in generational update of bigamy farce

Kilcullen Drama Group are now well into rehearsals for 'Caught in the Net', a sequel to the Ray Cooney farce 'Run for Your Wife' which the Group first performed 21 years ago, writes Brian Byrne.

As it happens, the new play is set 21 years later than the events of the original, which involved a bigamist taxi driver and his two families. Now his children of his respective wives, a boy and a girl, have met up on the internet. Cue a generation reprise of the mayhem of the first play.

There's a reprise too for most of the original cast, with Maurice O'Mahony, Vivian Clarke, Esther Reddy, Sabina Reddy and Bernard Berney back on the boards. With them are Esther's daughter Aisling, who plays her daughter in the production, and Adam Treacy as Sabina's son.

It'll be a romp of hilarity. Watch out for the dates in April: 9-11, 15-18.