Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flood warning

The ESB has issued a flood warning for towns in Co Kildare that lie on the banks of the River Liffey including Ballymore Eustace, Kilcullen, Newbridge, Clane, Celbridge and Leixlip.

Your editor has just done a recce around the area, and so far there's no problem in Kilcullen, though the Liffey is high and angry.

However, the Mill Stream is completely overloaded and has burst its banks in several places. There's a particular backlog of water on the upstream side of the bridge at New Abbey, and a fair degree of land is under water downstream.


There has been some flooding of land also in the Gilltown area, though not in unusual places.


Pinkeen stream at the moment seems to be draining satisfactorily, although the Pitch & Putt Club has gained a rather large water hazard over the past week or so.


All in all, hardly worth mentioning when compared to the horrors people in other parts of the country have experienced in the last week, and are continuing to do so.