Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend flood raises concerns

Business owners at the bottom of the town are hoping there won't be a repeat of the flooding they experienced last Saturday afternoon during the unusually heavy rain.


Worst hit was O'Connell's White Horse Inn, where the water reached three inches depth before subsiding.

"It came in very quickly, and fortunately went down again very quickly after the Fire Brigade cleared the drains," Charlie Dowling said. "The cars driving through the flood water didn't help, as they caused waves which made the problem worse."

Fallons also got some water in, mainly from the side and rear doors, but weren't as affected as O'Connells.

Across the bridge, Eddie Cross described how 'a river' of rainwater poured down Main Street. "We got in some water in the upstairs lounge, but it didn't come into the pub, fortunately."

Charlie Dowling is now wondering is this what they have to expect in the future. "We'll just have to get in the sandbags, in case," he says.

Brian Byrne.